February Today in Terrorism

February 17, 2018: Racist terrorist stabs migrants in Germany

On February 17, 2018 a 70-year old German man stabbed three migrants to protest the German government’s refugee policy.

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Those that can become practitioners, those that don’t…

Quick Hits 180 – Carleton criminology department cuts ties with police and prisons


Atlanta Spa Shooting: Unfounded fear of racially motivated attacks?

More details on the latest news in the Atlanta spa shootings.

Canadian Intelligence Eh! Podcast Right-wing extremism

Sophia Moskalenko: How does the sharing of images and memes online contribute to radicalisation?

How do MAGA hats, swastikas and ISIS flags lead to violent extremism?

Nashville explosion Quick Hits Video

Quick Hits 123 – Do conspiracy theories constitute an ‘ideology’

Lizard people, COVID, 5G… What conspiracy theories did the Christmas Day Nashville bomber believe in? Was he treated differently because he was white?

Christchurch mosque shootings Quick Hits Video

How should security services handle threat information

As the trial of Brenton Tarrant comes to a close questions were asked. What did the authorities know? Could they have prevented it?

Articles The Hill Times

Terrorism is becoming complicated… again!

When you hear someone say that terrorism has ‘changed’ and that we have to change with it be skeptical. Nothing really has changed over 150 years with the sole exception of technology.

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Radical! Extreme! That’s how I like my music

Music means a lot for people. It can inspire us, make us sad and happy. But sometimes it can be tied to political and religious extremism!


Are Canada’s security intelligence and law enforcement agencies biased when it comes to terrorism?

Everyone is free to express their opinion on terrorism but only a former (or current) counter terrorism practitioner can weigh in on investigations.

Today in Terrorism

Tulsa Race Massacre: Second Deadliest Race Riot in US History (May 31, 1921)

The 1921 race riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma were probably fed in part by the Ku Klux Klan, a domestic American white supremacist terrorist group.