Charlie Hebdo Quick Hits

When things go wrong fingers get pointed – is this fair?

In the wake of a brutal killing and beheading of a French teacher in October for his ‘crime’ of showing the Muhammad cartoons, a report has come out saying French security and intelligence services failed to “appreciate the gravity of the defamatory campaign on social media against the teacher”.  In other words, the French blew it.  […]

October Today in Terrorism

October 29, 2005: Islamist terrorist beheadings in Indonesia

Islamist extremists beheaded three Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia in October 2005 and wounded a fourth severely.

September Today in Terrorism

September 26, 2016: ISIS murder in Sinai

ISIS in the Sinai terrorists beheaded two civilians in 2016 and dumped their orange jumpsuit-clad bodies at the side of the road.