July Today in Terrorism

July 15, 1984: Terrorists attack train in El Salvador

On July 15, 1984 terrorists from the FMLN bombed a freight train El Salvador and shot 25 treasury police, killing 21.

June Today in Terrorism

June 16, 2000: Far-left terrorists attack car dealership in Oregon, US

On June 16, 2000 two men described as environmental activists and ‘anarchists’, bombed a Chevrolet dealership in Eugene, Oregon, destroying three pickup trucks

March Today in Terrorism

March 2, 1982: Sendero Luminoso initiates jail break in Peru

On this day in 1982 members of the Peruvian terrorist group Sendero Luminoso attacked a police station/penal institution in the city of Ayacucho, killing two officers

February Today in Terrorism

February 28, 1984: Leftist terrorists bomb train in El Salvador

On this day in 1984 leftist terrorists belonging to the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front blew up two trains in El Salvador, killing 18 people


What to do with Extinction Rebellion?

Some have warned that leftist environmental movements could turn to violent – is Extinction Rebellion next?

December Today in Terrorism

December 14, 1976: Leftist assassination in Greece of police officer

The leftist November 17 Revolutionary Organisation claimed the assassination of a Greek police officer in Athens in December 1976

Ecoterrorism Quick Hits Video

What about environmental terrorism?

In this episode, Phil discusses B.C. pipeline opponents facing U.S. terrorist charge over train track interference.

Ecoterrorism Lessons on Terrorism Perspectives

Godzilla, King of the Ecoterrorists?

Environmental activists’ frustration at a lack of meaningful action could lead to ecoterrorism