Today in Terrorism

Today in Terrorism: November 18, 2005 – Al Hamra Hotel bombing

On this day in 2005, a series of suicide bombing in Khanaqin, located northeast of the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, killed at least 60 people.


The cardinal importance of extremist ideologues in the radicalisation process – Part 1

In this piece and the following one, I would like to address one that really gets my goat: self-radicalisation.


Are we focusing on the wrong ‘brands’ of terrorism?

Far right terrorism is our #1 threat! No, jihadi terrorism is! Which one is it? What do the numbers tell us?

Ecoterrorism Lessons on Terrorism Perspectives

Godzilla, King of the Ecoterrorists?

Environmental activists’ frustration at a lack of meaningful action could lead to ecoterrorism

Phil in the media Video

War On Terrorism: Is The Military The Best Way To Fight Extremism?

Former senior strategic analyst for CSIS and author of “An End to the War on Terrorism”, Phil Gurski says over seventeen years after 9/11 and the west still regards the war on terrorism through the lense of the military which constrains and shapes our response.


Radicalization as a Social Phenomenon

This interview is part of The SecDev Foundation’s Prevent Violent Extremism: A Social Media Research Portal.