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What about environmental terrorism?

In this episode, Phil discusses B.C. pipeline opponents facing U.S. terrorist charge over train track interference.

Canadian Intelligence Eh! Podcast

Can the word terrorism be applied to groups like BLM and Antifa?

Borealis appears as a guest on a podcast hosted by Vaush to look if BLM and Antifa can be designated as terrorist organisations.

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Are Antifa terrorists? What does terrorism even mean? A discussion with youtuber Vaush

I was a guest on the Vaush youtube show yesterday to discuss Antifa and terrorism from a left perspective. Have a listen!

Phil in the media

The Bill Kelly Show – Antifa to be designated as terrorist organization

I was a guest on The Bill Kelly Show this morning to discuss the plans to list Antifa as a terrorist organization. Have a listen.

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Quick Hits: Antifa as a terrorist organization?

President Trump has threatened to list Antifa as a terrorist organisation. Some say he can’t do that. What if we dropped terrorism as a criminal offence?


Is Antifa a terrorist movement?

I cannot imagine that the Canadian government, or any other Western government for that matter, will try to list Antifa as a terrorist entity any time soon.