December Today in Terrorism

December 19, 1974: IRA bombs department store in downtown London

On December 19, 1974 the IRA detonated a 100-pound car bomb exploded in a parked car outside Selfridge’s in downtown London, wounding nine people.

Canadian Intelligence Eh!

Ahmed Patel – Why are many Muslims in denial over Islamist terrorism?

Episode 112 – Phil is joined by UK activist and Sufi Muslim Ahmed Patel, brother-in-law of the London 7/7 bomber.

Ontario truck attack Video

London truck attack: 2 weeks later, what do we know now?

Phil Gurski talks with CKWR’s John Maciel about the London hit and run incident earlier this month.

April Today in Terrorism

April 30, 1980: Siege at Iranian embassy in London

On April 30, 1980 six gunmen seized the Iranian Embassy in London, taking 21 hostages, two of whom they killed

April Today in Terrorism

April 17, 1986: Jordanian plants bomb in pregnant fiancée’s luggage

On this day in 1986, Irishwoman Ann-Marie Murphy was arrested at Heathrow Airport in London by El Al Airlines security as she tried to board one of their planes to Israel. In a false bottom of Murphy’s bag, the security agent found 10 pounds of plastic explosives and a calculator rigged to act as a detonator.

February Today in Terrorism

February 7, 1991: IRA mortar attack in London

On this day in 1991 the IRA launched mortars at the offices of UK Prime Minister John Major in 10 Downing Street

November Today in Terrorism

November 29, 2019: ISIS stabbing on London Bridge

Two people were killed and three injured by a knife-wielding man near London Bridge in November 2019 in an attack claimed by ISIS.

Quick Hits Video

Do security services really ‘get it wrong’ when things go boom

An inquiry into the 2017 Manchester suicide bombing has uncovered that MI5 had the terrorist on their ‘radar’ as long ago as 2010. The security service ended up dropping him from investigation. Did they screw up? Borealis weighs in on how investigations really work. Read more: Manchester Arena bomber linked to six MI5 ‘subjects of […]

Today in Terrorism

April 17, 1999 | Neo-Nazi bombings in London

Nail bombs planted by a neo-Nazi in London in 1999 killed 3 and wounded 139 people


What to do with terrorist prisoners

Last November, Usman Khan, carried out an attack in central London that left two people dead. Should we or can we keep him behind bars forever?