Hate and terrorism are not synonymous

Calling all serious hate-motivated violent crime ‘terrorism’ is unnecessary, unhelpful and problematic: we need to stop doing this

Canadian Intelligence Eh! Podcast

Alexandre Rodde: Analyse de la menace extremiste en France

Episode 86 – Phil Gurski discute avec Alexandre Rodde, chercheur Français et consultant en sécurité intérieure.

Canadian Intelligence Eh!

Peta Lowe: Young offenders and terrorism – What can we do?

Episode 85 – Former CSIS Intelligence Analyst Phil Gurski is joined by Australian practitioner Peta Lowe to discuss these issues and more.

This week in terrorism

This week in terrorism: January 25-31

Listing all acts of terrorism that occurred in the world last week from the 25th to the 31st of January, 2021.

Quick Hits Right-wing extremism Video Washington riots

Quick Hits 124 – What the hell happened in Washington today?

A mog storms the US Senate. Sessions are ended, tear gas is strewn, chaos reigns.

Canadian Intelligence Eh! Podcast Right-wing extremism

Sophia Moskalenko: How does the sharing of images and memes online contribute to radicalisation?

How do MAGA hats, swastikas and ISIS flags lead to violent extremism?

December Today in Terrorism

December 28, 1977: Letter bomb in Malta

On this day in 1977 a letter bomb intended for a Maltese doctor during a hospital strike killed his 15-year old daughter instead.

Quick Hits Video

What if deradicalisation programs are serving to bolster violent extremism?

So what happens when extremists show up to deradicalisation events seeking to recruit those being helped?

Phil in the media Video

13 men charged in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer

Watch my appearance on Global News about the FBI accusing 13 men of a violent plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and start a U.S. civil war ahead of the November presidential election.

Canadian Intelligence Eh! Podcast

How serious is the far-right extremist threat in Canada? Are we taking it seriously enough?

In this episode, Borealis talks to Canada’s leading scholar on far right extremism, Dr. Barbara Perry of Ontario Tech University. Have a listen!